Ida Aalen. Portrett.Hi! I’m Ida Aalen and I am an independent UX designer and content strategist.

My focus is on user research and digital strategy, and in most projects I’ll be there from the the first meeting and beyond launch of the new design. I’m especially happy when I get to work with people from other fields than my own throughout the whole process. Check out my article on the core model on A list apart to get an idea.

My other interest is in social media, and I’ve written two books on the topic. Unfortunately, they’re in Norwegian, but check out the Reclaiming Social: Content Strategy for Social Media published on A list apart written together with Ida Jackson.

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I give talks on the core model, digital strategy, social media and usability. In 2016 I’ll be doing a workshop at Confab Intensive on the core model.

Some previous talks:

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