Få på plass detaljene med A/B-testing

I anledning at jeg var på UXLondon, så har jeg skrevet en blogpost om hvordan man kommer i gang med A/B-testing. A/B-testing vil si at man publiserer ulike versjoner av den samme nettsiden, og så ser hvilken av disse som klarer seg best.

Les hele blogposten på iallenkelhet.no

Lou Rosenfeld: «Redesign must die» – Summary from UXLondon

So Lou Rosenfeld told us that he was a hater of redesigns, and teach us easy methods to make a lot of small changes that make a lot of differences, instead of throw everything over board.

This is my attempt to summarize what Rosenfeld said, the «I» and «me» in the following text referring to Rosenfeld, not me (Ida)!

Fortsett Lou Rosenfeld: «Redesign must die» – Summary from UXLondon

Alan Cooper: «It’s all us» – Summary from UXLondon

So, UX London was kicked off by having Alan Cooper telling us all how much better the world would be if we, the interaction designers, would be in charge. His main focus was how our work processes today have very little in common with more traditional, industrial ways of working and managing work. He then argued that agile software development and interaction design is, well, a ying yang thing – better together.In the post-industrial world, we need to be effective – not efficient. Cooper is going to post a bibliography at the Cooper blog later.

Here my summary of what Cooper said (with my comments in parenthesis!): Fortsett Alan Cooper: «It’s all us» – Summary from UXLondon